Smith here. I was just thinking about how I became so self oriented. It really is all about an inner desire to be happy and enjoy life. If I can’t enjoy what I do then I am going to be miserable. So in order to snap out of feeling that way I have to look inward and explore my heart to find what will make me happy. The focus has to be me and only me if I am going to be honest with myself. What will make another person happy isn’t going to make me happy. So when I figure out what makes meRead More →

Hi again, Smith here. The self generation seems to be gaining momentum in today’s society. It begins when young people begin defying their parent’s instructions and do the opposite of what they ask. Some will do this just to annoy their parents, but others will methodically disobey to test their parents weakness. Some parents just don’t have the energy to resist and stand up to that kind of disobedience and therefore open up a crack of weakness. The clever strong-willed child will now take advantage of this crack and expand on it until he gets his way. Getting one’s way with parents develops a senseRead More →

Here you will meet a man named Smith. SmithSelfGen is a website dedicated to the “Self Generation” way of thinking. Smith will take you on a tour of the self absorbed mindset. It will enhance your life by revealing his way of thinking that leads to self fulfillment. To begin, go to the About Smith page.Read More →