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Just call me Smith. Member of the self generation. You will find me self-absorbed in everything that relates to me and me alone. Since I am me and no one else is, why should I be concerned about anyone else. Life is full of bumps in the road and if I don’t watch out for me then who will?

It has been said that selfishness is a bad thing but who is going to take care of my needs if I don’t do it myself. Having full control over your own life will enable you to set a course and direction that will lead you to a more satisfying outcome. That is, a destination that will be pleasing to you and not anyone else.

The more in tune with yourself you are, the better you will be able to focus on what you want to accomplish. No one else can decide these things for you. Listening to someone else’s advice is not going to apply very well to your own life since each one of us is very different.

Take food for example, would you trust someone else to decide what you are craving and order your dinner for you? Of course not, that would be absurd. Only you and you alone know what you are craving. So it is better to be self absorbed and to make decisions that will benefit your own life. This way that course you set for yourself is much more likely to be acheived.

Think about it, do you really think that sticking your nose into other people’s business is not going to affect the focus you have set to acheive your own goals? Of course it will affect your focus, and it is very likely to take you off course. Life is short, so don’t waste your time always trying to get back on course. You need to stay in focus to acheive your own goals. This is the way to live a satisfying and rewarding life.


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