Defying Your Parents

Defying Your Parents

Hi again, Smith here.

The self generation seems to be gaining momentum in today’s society. It begins when young people begin
defying their parent’s instructions and do the opposite of what they ask. Some will do this just to annoy
their parents, but others will methodically disobey to test their parents weakness.

Some parents just don’t have the energy to resist and stand up to that kind of disobedience and therefore
open up a crack of weakness. The clever strong-willed child will now take advantage of this crack and
expand on it until he gets his way.

Getting one’s way with parents develops a sense of power over them which creates confidence to be more
disobedient. The more confidence a child develops to get his own way, the more he will stand up for himself
and become self oriented. As time goes on, more and more people become members of the “self generation.”

As this generation expands, society will change as it reflects the nature of a self-oriented generation of
people. Each self oriented person will seek his own way to please himself and be concerned with how life is
going to treat him. Therefore he will do everything he can to manipulate circumstances in his life to bring
about personal pleasure.

The idea of being concerned for someone else doesn’t make any sense since it does not benefit your own
goals in life. Any time spent caring about someone else is time that could be spent on one’s self. Therfore,
in order to acheive your own personal goals you must focus all of your time on yourself. This is how you get
ahead in life.